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Senator Joe Lagana

Joe Lagana was raised by Italian immigrants who imparted in him the values of hard work and the American dream, and he has become a successful attorney after being the first generation in his family to attend college. The son of a union bricklayer, Lagana uses his position on the Labor Committee to fight for working class people, equality for women, and to make New Jersey a safer, more affordable place to live. Lagana always puts his constituents first and has a demonstrated history of standing up to party bosses to help the people he represents.

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Assemblywoman Lisa Swain

Lisa Swain is a mother, wife, businesswoman, world-class triathlete and distance runner, and the former mayor of Fair Lawn. Lisa is proud of her ability to get things done for New Jersey women. She is the legislature’s leading voice on protecting abortion access in New Jersey and shielding our residents from extreme anti-abortion laws that have been passed in other states. Lisa voted for the toughest equal pay for equal work provisions in the country, and she wrote a new law that will put critical menstrual health products into reach for thousands of young women across the state.

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Assemblyman Chris Tully

Chris Tully is a father, husband, and neighbor who served on the Borough of Bergenfield council for eight years. Chris is a proud first-generation Irish American whose immigrant parents demonstrated for him the power of hard work and giving back. He’s dedicated his career to public service, working to reign in debt and spending on Borough Council and put his town on stable and responsible financial ground. In the Assembly, Chris is working to keep our communities safe, make New Jersey a more affordable place to live, raise a family, and retire, and ensure we always protect a woman’s right to choose.

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