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Our Campaign’s Top Issues

Lowering taxes for working families

We've helped pass a total of 20 tax cuts for working and middle-class families and seniors, including Stay NJ and ANCHOR. The ANCHOR program provides property tax payers with $1,500 rebate checks every year.

Protecting access to women’s health care

Joe, Lisa, and Chris will ensure abortion rights remain legal in New Jersey, and will protect women's access to all reproductive health care. We're fighting to ensure young women have access to menstrual products in public schools, restore funding for Planned Parenthood, and expand access to birth control.

Combating gun violence

Joe, Lisa, and Chris are dedicated to keeping our communities and schools safe from gun violence through commonsense ideas like criminal background checks and red flag laws, and they have enacted the most comprehensive gun control laws in the country.

Fighting for seniors

We're are fighting to help New Jersey seniors afford to stay & retire in the same communities where they raised their families. That's why we increased access to Senior Freeze and ANCHOR benefits to give money back to homeowners and renters. And now, with Stay NJ, we've cut property taxes in half for the average NJ senior.

Rebuilding New Jersey’s roads and bridges

We're focused on building for our future by improving local roads and bridges and fixing the Route 17 bottleneck.

Protecting our clean air and water

We are working to ensure a healthy future for our families by passing laws to reduce levels of lead and working to reduce PFAS in our drinking water.

Helping local small businesses thrive

Joe, Lisa and Chris are delivering the resources and support that our small businesses need to thrive and add jobs.

Making prescriptions more affordable

We were proud to vote to make prescription drugs more affordable for senior citizens living on a fixed income.

Keeping our community safe

We are committed to making our community safe. That’s why we've passed laws to crack down on auto theft and are working to get fentanyl off our streets.