Supporters can assist the LD38 Democrats by ensuring that unaffiliated, persuadable voters and Democrats in LD38 learn about the partisan candidacies of Micheline Attieh, Gail Horton and Barry Wilkes who tow the national Republican line (via word of mouth or public communications like cable/digital/OTT ads or mail):

Specifically Bergen County Voters in Legislative District 38 need to SEE, HEAR and READ:

  • Attieh and her Assembly team will bring the national anti-choice Republican agenda of new abortion bans to New Jersey. If they win, and Republicans gain control of the legislature, they will put government in between women, their doctors, and their own personal health care decisions. [A5304]

  • Further, Attieh and her Assembly team will further roll back freedoms for women by bringing the national Republican agenda of denying women coverage for birth control. With Attieh and her team in Trenton they will put national party politics ahead of New Jersey women. [Washington Post 01.29.2022]

  • Finally, Attieh and her Assembly team are in lockstep with the national GOP tax plan that takes money out of the pockets of hard working New Jersey families, seniors and workers by preventing New Jersey property taxpayers from deducting their property tax payments from federal income taxes. The result will cost New Jersey taxpayers thousands of dollars every year. [The Hill 12.02.21]

Additionally LD38 unaffiliated, persuadable voters and Democrats should also SEE, HEAR and READ that when compared to Attieh:

Senator Joe Lagana was raised by Italian immigrants who instilled in him the values of hard work and the American dream.The son of a union bricklayer, Lagana uses his position on the Labor Committee to fight for working class people, equality for women, and to make New Jersey a safer, more affordable place to live, raise a family, and retire. Lagana always puts his constituents first and has a demonstrated history of standing up to party bosses to help the people he represents. He has fought to ensure equal pay for all New Jerseyans and make New Jersey more affordable through historic property tax relief.

While all voters would benefit from SEEING, HEARING and READING this message: Specifically senior citizens and women without a college degree are particularly important voters for this campaign to engage, and Democrats and college educated women are critical voters for this campaign to mobilize.

You can find photos and video of the LD38 Democrats here.